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This section is for anything related to the technical aspects of .hack//fragment, such as server discussion, custom utilities, etc.
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This patcher (named "tellipatch") will fit a Japanese .hack//Fragment ISO with the latest (work-in-progress) .hack//Fragment translation!

You should only use this patcher with an ORIGINAL .hack//Fragment ISO.
You may receive checksum errors if you try to use it with a modified ISO.


(Windows) Download Version 5: ... f_ZMa8l8jw
this currently supports the .hack//frägment Definitive Translation v2.5

How to use this patcher:
1. Place your (unmodified) Japanese .hack//Fragment ISO in the same directory as the batch script (Apply Patch.bat). Rename this ISO "fragment.iso".
2. Run the "Apply Patch" batch script. This does a few things, all automatically:
- mounts the ISO to your PC
- copies all the data from the ISO to a local directory
- patches the local directory with the translations
- rebuilds the ISO using ImgBurn

Video Guide:

Please follow each prompt very closely until you reach the end.
Once the patcher is finished doing it's thing, you can find your new game client named "dotHack Fragment (0.5).iso".

As progress is made on our Google Sheet, the updates are automatically pushed directly to you. You can routinely run Apply Patch.bat to make sure you have the latest translations applied to your game client.

ImgBurn fails to run when I'm patching!
Chances are you have installed ImgBurn in a location other than C:\Program Files (x86)\. You can change this line in the batch script:
"PATH TO IMGBURN\ImgBurn.exe" /MODE BUILD /SRC "fragment_eng\" /DEST "%CD%\dotHack Fragment (0.5).iso" /START /OVERWRITE YES /ROOTFOLDER YES /CLOSESUCCESS
The patcher errors out saying "The file or dictionary is corrupted and unreadable."
Your ISO is already modified, this is a common error if you accidentally try to patch the Coldbird version. The only thing I can legally tell you is to try ripping your own copy directly from the game disc.

Image Image
Image Image

Credit to PLM, Princess Alice (Telli), Nyao, and Vector.
Special thanks to 1UP, Enlike, Erroneous, Falions, Harrito, Xithyl, and Robert Coldbird.
Host of Arcadia Pi
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