Running an Area Server on Raspberry Pi 3b+

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[UPDATE NOV 2020] supposedly this also works on Pi 4b and Pi 400. unable to confirm myself, YMMV.

just wanna preface this by saying I'm no expert with raspis. You will not be able to do much else besides host the area server, running another program will likely force it to close due to lack of memory.

this isn't a guide on how to install the area server on linux, we are going to run Windows on the Pi.

that being said, here's what you gotta do.

Step 1
Have at least a 16gb SD card.
Step 2
Download your desired version of Windows 10 from UUPDump.ML

- Build 18941 (amd64) is the version I use. certain versions will blue screen on setup.

- Select your language and the version "Windows 10 Home Edition"

- Download and use aria2 to convert. The only option checked under Conversion Options should be "Integrate updates when available."

- If you are flashing your Pi on Windows, run the cmd file from the download package.

- If you are flashing your Pi on Linux, run the bash file from the download package.

- Once it's downloaded, you will need to mount the ISO to your PC (I used the free version of PowerISO), and browse the file contents. Find the install.wim file and drag it somewhere safe for future use.
Step 3
Download WOA-Deployer-Rpi

- this program will flash Windows 10 on to your Pi device.

- run WOADeployer.exe and under Drive Selection, make sure the SD card is selected.

- *WARNING* you can overwrite your OS if you aren't careful! again, make sure the SD card is selected.

- Remember where you saved that install.wim? Select browse underneath Windows Image (.wim) and find it. Verify that you are installing the correct version of Windows 10.
Step 4
..... wait a little bit.

Then once it's flashed, pop the SD card in the Pi and boot it up. It will probably take about an hour or so for Windows to run through the entire installation process.
Make sure your Pi doesn't overheat while running! Windows is very intensive, when I had no fans I could only run it for approx. 12hrs and then the server would become unresponsive. If you wish to run it for longer periods of time, look into a cooling case kit on Amazon. I use the Miuzei cases for mine.
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