[Tellipatch Add-On] English Grunty Food Voices

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Big, big thanks to Dash and Emuz for figuring out how to make this work!

Welcome, welcome, one and all! If you've got an English copy of IMOQ(and Windows), you're invited to try out this add-on!

Few things before we start:
-This hasn't been tested all that much, so it's possible that this could brick your memory card or something scary like that. It probably won't but I feel like we have to say something just in case

-While this does require a version of the Tellipatch, that team has made it clear that edited versions of their patched ISOs (y'know, like this one) aren't supported! While you might get help from them anyway, you can't expect it.

The requirements are simple: a tellipatched ISO, the VERSION file from the tellipatch folder*, ImgBurn(which you should already have, since you need it for tellipatching), and the FOOD_E.BIN from any English copy of IMOQ.

Download link

Download and extract the zip, pop your ISO and BIN inside, and run Run Me!
Whenever you re-patch the Tellipatch, make sure you patch it with this as well, unless you want the voices to suddenly be in Japanese again @.@

Thank you to the tellipatch team for making a working patcher, Dash & Emuz for figuring out FOOD.BIN and the other files required for this add-on to work, and everyone who sat and watched fragment-translation while we talked code for a few days, sorry about that

*It will run without, but will default to 1.0 instead of whatever version you have. Older patched games (before the version file) can change the VER variable inside the batch. :)
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