Dau's Easy-Bake .hack//frägment Guide

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Dau's Easy-Bake Fragment Guide
Today's recipe is for .hack//frägment, a game from 2005 that brings joy and warmth to the heart.
Side dishes include, but are not limited to, creating an Area Server, and grilled cheese sandwiches.
Getting Your Ingredients
Let's start with the obvious.
Don't have Fragment or a PS2 BIOS? I can't help you.
Now that that's out of the way:
Let's download aaaallllll the things from https://fragment.dothackers.org/downloads
In specific, you need PCSX2(although this guide will assume you set that up already), DEV9, 1UP's graphics plugin(or the Network Adaptor Start-up Disc), and the Tellipatch.
If you have a controller, download the USB plugin as well.
PCSX2 plugins are x86, not x64! Make sure you download the right version!
If you'd prefer to play on a real PS2, don't worry about the plugins.
Well, we've got everything, what next?
Mixing It All Together
Plugins are easiest, let's start there! (If you're planning to play on a real PS2, don't look!)
Unzip your plugin folders, and move their DLLs to your PCSX2 plugin folder.
Don't know where that is? It's somewhere around C:\Program Files(x86)\PCSX2\Plugins on Windows, and if you're running Linux or Mac I assume you're a tech whiz and don't need this anyway.
Then, let's go into your Plugin/BIOS selector and make sure all your new plugins are there. If they're not, try clicking on the dropdowns and finding them! If that didn't work, you can try getting some help at Netslum.
(okay PS2 friends, it's safe to look again)
Next up is the Tellipatch.
Make sure you have all the requirements downloaded!
Unzip the folder, drop your ISO inside, and rename the iso to "fragment.iso" (or "fragment" if you don't have file extensions on)
Run Apply Patch.bat and off to the races it goes!
If something goes wrong and your ISO doesn't make it out the other side, try asking someone(it'll probably be me with your luck) at Netslum!
If everything went well, though, you're now good to play... offline.
Baking It
Turn on Fragment, go Online, tap Edit and mash right and O until you get to the end of the setup!
If you did it right, you can go online now!
(if you went the network adaptor route, turn that on and mash x until it's all done, then turn on fragment)
That's it!
Yeah. That's it. Go read some BBS posts or something now.
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