AREA SERVER at main menu

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Sorry I did mean the Area Server menu option in the game. I've gotten a lot farther in the Area Server setup, I was just having some initial issues with disconnects using the 0.8.1 version of the CLR_DEV9 plugin and was wondering if that menu option had anything to do with it. After working with the dev of that plugin it turns out if you're going to connect to an Area Server running on the same computer as your PCSX2 you need to have the "PC IP" unchecked to force it to get a different IP than your host computer. Version 0.6.4 didn't have this issue but I'd rather have the plugin get its own IP anyway.

From there I ran into issues where the Area Server download here would just kind of stare at me funny when I tried to do the activation. Once I switched over to Katsuyuki's pre-activated/translated Area Server here I didn't have any issues and it's been smooth sailing ever since.

Thanks for all the input!
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