Information about class differences?

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Hello! First off, I'm just so happy that online capability exists for this game, thank you to everyone who made this possible, I don't know how I didn't know about this project up until now and I'm hoping more people find out. I've been playing around with every class trying to get an understanding what each one does by reading the class information for the IMOQ series on various websites, but I was wondering if anyone had any concrete info on how each class plays, their pros/cons? Any more information would be great, thanks!
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Wavemasters mean bis and are very helpful in the later levels where physical tolerance is common, and absolutely devastate the lower levels if you abuse gear itemspells etc. Just dont get hit xD
Most combinations of character creation for the Heavyblade, Blademaster and heavyaxe wil all be able to get to 99 Attack so the faster the better which putts BM above HA/HB in terms of raw damage but I still prefer HA over BM due to the oversized Health pool on HA. I find the HB 99 lacking in good offensive AoE as my own only reaches 98 attack and the skills def dont shine as nicely as spin to win AoE BM/HA have.

As for longarm and twinblade i haven't played them over level 70 for long enough to give a good summary qq hopefully i can after i finish new TB
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You can find more information in the discord or on the Fragment Resurgence twitter page!
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