Looking for a Wavemaster to party with!

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I've been playing daily and I'm currently level 20, but even when I part with other players we struggle to deal with certain enemies.
Getting cc'd usually ends up in a TPK which regresses our progress, so to avoid this we've been more particular with our areas but this has slowed progress down.

I would be willing to power level someone lower level than me, I don't mind at all!
If someone is interested either reply here or dm/ping me on the netslum discord.

I may be higher level by the time someone responds, but my offer will still stand as I'm trying to hit max level and it will take some time.
So don't be afraid to reach out even if this post is a little old!
Long Arm player trying to hit max level.
Message me on discord if you want to party up.
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Hey, I'm a new player in fragment. I messaged you on the Discord :)

EDIT: Oh I see in the title it's for Wavemasters only. Hmm I am a Blademaster, but I'd love to have a Wavemaster character as well and support the team, but yeah I'd need some help levelling
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