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Kaoru Ichinose
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My friend and I are enjoying "The World"!

The slow rate of exp and live skills menu make you pay much more attention than PS2//INFECTION Offline.
Room style online play, you can't have more than three people at a time, can you?
I can't have more than one party on one server either, I think.
( free to correct that )

Going to be playing more, maybe pass out in the lobby ( oops )
So cool to be able to play Fragment for the first time, missed it in 2005 and never got to play it.
I'm able to enjoy playing solo when online too, it's harder but it's not impossible.

Thank you for letting us have the chance to enjoy Fragment!
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Welcome to the club of undead hordes, pal.
I mean, all is dead.
U want life - check discord group.
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Kaoru Ichinose
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We are enjoying ourselves still!

Had complications with character loss from PSX itself and personally not saving properly in desktop, whoops!
Really make sure you save properly out to your desktop! and don't close the client improperly.
( if you crash your client you will loose your things too, so test the game before you get too serious! )

There are plenty of people playing, the rooms don't AFK and disconnect you after too long so you can't idle out in town.
( that adds to why you don't see anyone for periods of time )
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Like Rosko said there's mostly activity on the various .hack discord groups, the forums primarily exist as a way to archive some of the more technical stuff, but maybe with enough people posting we'll end up harbouring a small community. :)
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Kaoru Ichinose
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I didn't know what these were for awhile but some people online tested it with us and it worked.

When you have a party of 3 ( full ) you can unlock the ability to to 'Awakenings' in online mode.
Five red orbs account an empty Awakening gauge in the top left, overtime through fighting you gain Green orbs, meaning it's charging up.
( you need 5 Green orbs to cast Awakenings, failure to cast will take Green orbs away. )
These orbs will appear once you are in a map and in dungeons.
If you are going to attempt an Awakening, you may want to inform your party in advance.

Awakenings are commonly given to you automatically by weapons and armor, just like skills.
it takes a full party using an Awakening Skill of their choice within a timeout limit.
( you will be held still when you cast Awakenings and prone to being hit )
to avoid taking extra damage in casting, create a shortcut for an Awakening so it can be done quickly.
Casting the skill creates a player message to appear, announcing someone is attempting to use an Awakening.

All three party members must active an Awakening for it to cast.
Upon successful party unison, a video will play of all 3 casting the style of Awakening you have chosen individually.
( you cannot be hit while the skill casts, all Five Green orbs will be used )

The end result is dealing a large sum of party damage all at once to the target.
Pretty neat!
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