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fart 66
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add this to your pnach and people will no longer be fat and stretched when you play online
comment=Widescreen Hack offline
patch=1,EE,20A36A80,extended,3F400000 // 3F800000
comment=Widescreen Hack online
fart 66
Posts: 2
Joined: Wed Jan 03, 2018 10:32 pm

it is 2018 for our new years resolution let us commit to a [The World] in which nobody is fat and stretched when playing with their friends, courtesy of whoever it was that did the offline widescreen cheat on the pcsx2 forums.
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Lmao great.
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Thanks for this.

Causes me to eventually lag out and disconnect in online mode. Offline mode works fine.
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There should also be a height fix for this too because it looks kinda off without it.

20A36A80 3F400000
20A36A84 3F400000

20C22280 3F400000
20C22284 3F400000
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