Set up Guide(outdated) My youtube Source Quickfind.

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Mon Sep 16, 2019 10:50 am

Hello !
Here is a quick link to the videos my ex-guild (yes old guild no contact with these guys for a while but I did not only upload but help make the videos in question)

A tutorial on how to set up the game which is now (out)dated voiced by a friend Fireless:

Some info about character creation made by a long lost fragmenter that i'll refer to as simply Oreo:

These videos are something me and my ex friend(s) spent many hours working on and creating. I am quite proud of them and would like to give easy links here.

I hope you guys find any of this info helpful. Enjoy.


A video dedicated to the Cold bird times !!!!:
A Full One Sin Fight unedited !!!! Boss fight and Helba conversation only !!!:
Girl with a big sword ~
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