Dau's Easy-Bake .hack//frägment Guide

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Dau's Easy-Bake Fragment Guide
Today's recipe is for .hack//frägment, a game from 2005 that brings joy and warmth to the heart.
Side dishes include, but are not limited to, creating an Area Server, and grilled cheese sandwiches.
Getting Your Ingredients
Let's just start with the obvious.
If you don't already have a copy of frägment, I can't help you :(
Now that that's out of the way:
Let's download aaaallllll the things from https://fragment.dothackers.org/downloads.
In specific, you need the Network Adaptor Start-up Disc, the Tellipatch, and if you're emulating, also grab PCSX2(although this guide will assume you set that up already) and the DEV9 plugin, along with CLR_USB way at the bottom if you want to be able to use your keyboard ingame.
Now that we've got our stuff...
Mixing It Together
Let's start with the Tellipatch!
Make sure you have everything the post told you to install installed. :)
Unzip the folder, drop your ISO inside, and rename the iso to "fragment".
Run Apply Patch.bat and off to the races it goes!
If something goes wrong and your ISO doesn't make it out the other side, try asking someone at Netslum!

PS2 players, you're now good to close the guide! Put your new ISO onto a USB or DVD and use your favourite softmod to load it up. If you haven't played other online games in the past, you'll need to run the Network Adaptor disc as well, to make yourself a network profile.
Adding a hint of Emulation
Now that you've got your ISO set up, the only thing we need to do is get your plugins together.
Unzip the folders with your plugins in them, and move the .dlls to your Plugins folder(most likely C:/Program Files(x86)/PCSX2/Plugins)
Check Config->Plugin/BIOS Selector to make sure it's using them, run the Network Adaptor disc and mash X, and then you're good to go! Run your patched ISO and have fun :)
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